A double lanyard is a common tool in fall protection

Abst:A double lanyard is a common tool in fall protection. These devices attach to a person's harness and prevent a free fall. A worker wants to use the ma
A double lanyard is a common tool in fall protection. These devices attach to a person's harness and prevent a free fall. A worker wants to use the maximum length of his leg before connecting the other to the harness, which minimizes the amount of energy used during connections and increases safety. Most workers will climb up higher than the first anchor point before connecting the second leg. This can be hazardous, because the worker is exposing himself to a free fall.
A Y-lanyard is a double-leg harness with an integral double shock-absorbing lanyard attached to its center. These Y-lanyards have two "legs" branching off from the energy absorber. The function of these devices is similar to that of lobster claws, but are designed to prevent a worker from falling. The Y-lanyard can be used on a variety of platforms and can be made of synthetic or nylon materials.
A double-leg Y-lanyard is a fall protection device that allows workers to fall without losing contact with their safety harness. It is best to purchase a Y-lanyard that has a minimum breaking strength of 5,000 pounds. If you are using it for fall protection, make sure you purchase the type of harness that is specifically designed for this use. Then, you can choose from a wide range of options to suit your needs and budget.
Harness Double Lanyards are used to secure the harness to a worksite. They are a popular choice for rope workers and are usually a great option. Y-lanyards are also known as Y-lanyards. The two legs branch off from an energy absorber and are connected through a forged connecting ring. While they are generally more convenient than V-lanyards, they are not as versatile as a single-leg Y-lanyard.
In addition to Y-lanyards, harness double-leg lanyards are also used for fall protection. These lanyards have a double-leg design, which allows them to connect with scaffolding hooks and provide additional security to the worker. In addition to Y-lanyards, there are also D-rings along the length of the Y-lanyard.
A Y-lanyard has a center snaphook for attaching to the harness. A single-leg Y-lanyard is the most common type. It has two large snaphooks at each end and a small hook in the middle for attaching a harness. A double-leg Y-lanyard has a D-ring on both legs. The D-ring should be connected to the harness's D-rings.
A double-leg Y-lanyard is a personal lifeline with two legs connected at one end. These Y-lanyards are ideal for 100% tie-off jobs. The single-leg Y-lanyard is attached to the anchor point while the other leg is attached to the shock absorber. A double-leg Y-lanyard can provide fall protection on the move. A Y-lanyard is a great tool in fall prevention and fall protection.

HT-609-Work Positioning Harness Double Lanyard

Product Details

Product Type Work Positioning Double Lanyard
14mm Diameter 3 strand Polyester twisted rope
Maximum Size 2 Meters