Characteristics and requirements of aerial work safety belts


1. The aerial work belt belt must be a whole 2. The hei […]

1. The aerial work belt belt must be a whole

2. The height of the work belt belt should be padded with soft material.

3. The suspension ropes for the aerial work belt welders must be fully covered. The other suspension ropes are only partially sleeved, and the slings are not sleeved; the strands are not allowed to be tight.

4. Spider-man seat belt metal hooks must have a safety device

5. The surface of the aerial work safety belt metal fittings should be smooth, free of pitting and cracks, and rust-proof; no welding is allowed.

In order to ensure safety, it should not be used at high temperature. The rope should not be knotted. It should be visually inspected every time it is used. If it is damaged, it will be stopped immediately.

3, strictly in accordance with the standard requirements, when used in conjunction with other equipment, should be installed under the guidance of the licensee, the choice of rope should be matched with the actual tension requirements, select special equipment to fix, not to install at a hasty;

4 When using the rope for the first time, the rope should be placed down, and it should be inserted into the rope arranging device from the middle hole, and rolled away. Do not put the safety rope in the disc type;

5 Before the safety rope is used repeatedly, it should be tested for load. After the inspection is passed, it can continue to be used. It is found that the abnormality should be scrapped;

6, the ropes are stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse, should be cleaned frequently, should not be exposed to open flames, acid, do not collide with sharp objects, do not expose to sunlight.