Correct use method and application of safety rope


1. Parallel safety rope, a safety rope used to move hor […]

1. Parallel safety rope, a safety rope used to move horizontally on a steel frame. A smaller elongation rate and a higher sliding rate are required. Generally, steel wire rope injection molding is used to facilitate the easy movement of the safety hook on the rope. The steel wire inner core is 9.3mm, 11mm, and the outer diameter after injection is 11mm or 13mm. It is widely used in the installation of steel frames in thermal power generation projects, and the installation and maintenance of steel structure projects.


2. Vertical safety rope, a protection rope used to move up and down vertically. Used with climbing self-locking device, it can be woven or twisted, and must reach the tensile strength specified by the country. The diameter of the rope is between 16mm-18mm.

3. Fire safety rope, used for high-rise escape. There are two kinds of braided and twisted, requiring strong, light and beautiful appearance. The diameter of the rope is 14mm-16mm, with a buckle at one end and a safety lock. The tensile strength reaches the national standard. The length is customized according to user needs. It is widely used for residents of modern high-rise and small high-rise buildings.


4. The outer wall cleaning rope is divided into main rope and auxiliary rope. The main rope is used for cleaning the seat board and the auxiliary rope is used to prevent accidental fall. The diameter of the main rope is 18mm-20mm. The rope is required to be strong, not loose, and high tensile strength. The diameter of the secondary rope is 14mm-18mm, the standard is the same as other safety rope standards.


The above content is the correct use method, precautions and application knowledge of the safety rope introduced by the editor. There are four different types of safety ropes, which can be divided into ordinary safety ropes, live working safety ropes, and high strength safety. Rope and special safety rope, the application of each safety rope is also different, everyone needs to master it carefully.