Does your fall arrester have a buffer?


When using the fall arrester for fall arrest, we all kn […]

When using the fall arrester for fall arrest, we all know that the fall arrester has a large impact force, so the general fall arrester will wear this seat belt for double protection to reduce the impact of this impact. Physical damage. In fact, the fall arrester needs a buffer bag to reduce the impact force. Without the buffer bag, the impact force will be large.

The cushioning bag of the fall arrester is divided into two forms, one is the foreign aid buffer bag, and the other is the inner aid buffer bag, but now most of the commonly sold fall arresters are foreign aid punching and anti-dropping devices, because such a large Reduce the cost, but also play the role of anti-shock, the device that saves the safety buffer package does not meet the requirements of the national standard, so you must pay careful attention to the situation of the buffer bag when purchasing.

However, some fall arresters can't see the foreign aid buffer package, so don't worry too much at this time. Consult the merchants to have the inner yard buffer package. If you don't have to buy it, if you have it, then you can rest assured. Buy, this anti-fall effect will be better.