High-altitude harness belt use method and precautions


The main function of the harness belt is to prevent the […]

The main function of the harness belt is to prevent the high-altitude operator from falling and play a certain protective role.

First, check before use

1. Before using the harness belt, check the harness belt for problems:

(1) The components are complete, no shortage, no damage and damage;

(2) The ropes and braids are not brittle, stranded or kinked;

(3) The metal fittings have no cracks, no defects in welding, and no serious corrosion;

(4) The crocheted mouth of the hook is flat and the safety device is complete and reliable;

(5) The rivet has no obvious deviation and the surface is flat.

2. Check the service life of the harness belt. The service life of the harness belt is 3 to 5 years. Under normal circumstances, after 2 years of use, the harness belt must be tested. If any abnormality is found, it should be scrapped in advance.

Second, harness belt operation rules

1. According to the nature of the industry, the choice of the type of work requires the use of harness belts that meet the specific scope of use. For example, shelf workers, painters, and electric welding workers use suspension belts. Electricians use safety belts for fences. Pay attention to proper selection in different positions.

2. The use of harness belts should be high and low. If long ropes larger than 3m are used, buffers must be added (except for the self-locking hooks), and the swing collision should be prevented.

3, the harness belt must be hung in a firm and reliable place. The safety rope should not be knotted, and the hook should not be hung directly on the safety rope. The hook must be hung on the connecting ring.

4. In the work of climbing and hanging, you must wear harness belts and have reliable hooking facilities. It is strictly forbidden to wear a harness belt only at the waist and not to hang the loop on a fixed facility.

Most of the accidents are caused by improper use of the harness belts. Choosing the right harness belts and using them properly is the premise of safe construction. I hope that everyone can use the harness belts in strict accordance with the standard to prevent problems before they happen!