How is the high-altitude seat belt tied?


For the high-altitude workers, the safety belt is the g […]

For the high-altitude workers, the safety belt is the guarantee of life. From the inspection of the safety belt to the wearing, every process must pay special attention. Below we will explain in detail the steps of wearing the safety belt.

1. Check: Hold the back D-ring of the safety belt, shake the safety belt, and return all the woven belts to the original position to ensure that the woven belts are not entangled together; check whether the parts of the safety belt are intact and not damaged. Read the label carefully to verify that the dimensions are appropriate.

2, wear shoulder strap: If the chest strap, belt or leg strap buckle does not open, please untie the braid or untie the buckle. Put the shoulder strap over your shoulder and place the D-ring in the middle of the back shoulders to ensure that the shoulder strap is vertical.

3. Wear the leg strap: Pull the leg strap from between the two legs. One hand takes the back leg strap from the back and sends it from the armpit to the other hand. It catches and buckles with the front buckle. Use the same method to fasten the second leg strap. If you have a belt, please fasten your belt and buckle your belt.

4. Wear the chest strap: the chest webbing connects the chest straps together through the pull-on buckle. The chest strap must be 15 cm below the shoulder, and the extra length of webbing penetrates into the adjustment ring.

5. Adjustment: When all the webbing and buckles are buckled, tighten all the buckles so that the safety belts are as close as possible to the body, but it will not affect the activities. Put excess straps into the belt clip to prevent loosening.

Shoulder: Adjust the webbing from the shoulder to ensure that the height of the leg webbing is just below the buttocks, and the back D-ring is between the shoulder blades.

Legs: Then adjust the leg webbing, try to do one leg forward and half awkward, and adjust the length of the leg webs on both sides to be the same.

Chest: The chest webbing is to be crossed in the middle of the chest and about 3 feet away from the bottom of the chest to guide the wide distance.

Wearing the safety belt correctly is a manifestation of responsibility for yourself and the lives of others, so every step of wearing a safety belt is not a big deal. In addition, it is also necessary to choose a safety belt with a high safety factor.