A safety lifeline is an integral part of any safety plan

Abst:A safety life line is an open fence that acts as a fall protection device. It is composed of wire and stanchions. It is a common sight on construction
A safety life line is an open fence that acts as a fall protection device. It is composed of wire and stanchions. It is a common sight on construction sites, sailboats, and other dangerous situations. Having a lifeline in place is an important factor in preventing a person from falling to their death or injuring themselves. The following is a brief explanation of the basics of a safety lifeline.
Safety lifeline systems are designed for temporary or permanent installations and come in a variety of sizes. Horizontal lifeline systems are particularly versatile, ensuring versatility and mobility. They can be used on conveyors, pipes racks, rooftops, and bridges. They also provide a means to rescue an employee if the fall is severe. The safety life line system is an essential safety equipment. The Hangzhou Hetai Security & Protection comes in three different styles and is the most versatile choice for any job site.
A horizontal lifeline system is a flexible and economical solution that provides continuous active fall protection. With its multi-point anchorage design, the horizontal lifeline system can support three workers at once. It can also be applied on various types of roofs, including delicate ones. A horizontal lifeline system is a versatile, scalable, and cost-effective solution. These systems can be installed at any height. Its low-profile design allows it to be mounted on crane rail runways and conveyors.
A safety lifeline is an integral part of any safety plan. If a worker falls from a height, they may be unable to get back up. If they do, the fall protection system will help them survive the fall. A safety life line will prevent their death and injury. Fortunately, the Hangzhou Hetai Security & Protection system makes it easy to install. Because of its flexibility, Hangzhou Hetai Security & Protection systems can support up to three users. In addition, they are also very portable, allowing them to be installed anywhere.
A fall from a height is one of the leading causes of occupational injuries and fatalities. The safety life line can be installed on rooftops, scaffolds, and other high-risk environments. It is designed to be versatile and mobile, and is compatible with most types of work environment. In addition, lifelines are an important safety feature for construction sites. This technology is also useful for the construction industry. Using lifelines in hazardous conditions can prevent serious accidents.
A safety lifeline system must be installed and used properly to ensure worker safety. In addition, it should be installed and used properly. A lifeline is an essential part of any safety plan. In addition, it should be safe from falls and can help the workers in an accident. A good one should also be easy to install and support up to three people. It should be easy to install and should be installed on any building. These systems are also useful in construction zones, where workers may fall from high-rise structures and require suspension.

Fall Protection Polyester Restraint Lanyard HT-L604

Product Details

Polyester Safety Lanyard Principle
Safety Lanyards are used by Lineman utility and other workers to prevent falls, although similar straps are also used recreationally by mountain climbers. This type of safety belt rope(lanyard) will have a section of heavy duty nylon strapping attached to a metal ring or carabiner which tightens around an attachment point. The strap may be a fixed length or adjustable, and will attach to the wearer to support them against a fixed object or pole

Product Code Restraint Lanyard
Product Type 140 kg
Rope material 45mm Polyester Expandable Webbing Lanyard
Scaffold Hook Strength 25 kN
Carabiner Strength 25 kN
Available length 1.5m,1.8m,and 2.0m
Standards EN354:2010
Individually inspect by QC