Industrial heavy-duty fall arrester safety test

Abst:The speed difference anti-fall device is mainly suitable for the safety protection of the suspended workpiece when the crane is lifting, which can eff

The speed difference anti-fall device is mainly suitable for the safety protection of the suspended workpiece when the crane is lifting, which can effectively protect the life safety of ground operators and the damage of the suspended workpiece. It is used in metallurgical automobile manufacturing, petrochemical, Engineering construction, electricity, shipping, communications, pharmaceuticals, and other high-altitude working places.
Hebei Shuoxin mass-produced the high-altitude anti-fall device with the original "double locking device" structure, which has stable locking, high safety factor, and good reliability, and effectively solves the problem of impacting other objects due to the large swing amplitude of the falling operation during tilting operations. Accidents caused; the control system uses special steel and special treatment, light weight, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, the shell is made of aluminum alloy, light weight, not aging. The safety rope is selected from aviation steel wire rope. Hanging ropes and safety belts are flame-retardant treated and resistant to high temperatures of 200 ° C.
The working principle of this type of high-altitude fall arrester is to make use of the difference in falling speed of objects for self-control, and to hang high and use low. When TXS2 series is used, it is only necessary to cross the nylon sling rope over the structure with a strong blunt edge, hang the iron hook on the nylon rope on the "n" ring, and hang the iron hook on the steel wire rope on the half Can be used inside the ring. Within the use radius, there is no need to change the suspension point.
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When the lifting anti-fall device is in normal use, the safety rope will freely expand and contract with the human body. Under the action of the internal mechanism of the device, it is in a state of tension, so that the operator has no sense of concern. In case of a fall, the speed of pulling out the safety rope is significantly accelerated, and the internal locking system is automatically locked. The safety rope should be pulled out no more than 0.2 meters, and the impact force should be less than 2949N, which will not harm the footsteps. When the load is released, the work will resume automatically. After work, the safety rope will be automatically recovered into the device for easy carrying. However, it is still necessary to be alert that the safety anti-fall device is a protection device to prevent the lifting container from falling when the wire rope or the connection device is broken, to protect the life of the ground operator and damage to the suspended object.