Little knowledge of safety rope grab

Abst:The safety rope grab is a part of the personal fall prevention or area restriction system. It is mainly used in inspection operations, building demoli

The safety rope grab is a part of the personal fall prevention or area restriction system. It is mainly used in inspection operations, building demolition, maintenance, oil extraction, window cleaning and other occasions that require fall or area restriction protection for operators. The device is a part of a complete fall protection system. These systems are generally composed of life ropes, rope grabs, safety ropes and full-body safety belts. They are mainly used to protect people working on scaffolds, lifting work platforms or aerial work platforms. Safety of workers. The rope grabbing device is used together with the lifeline, safety rope or connector and body support to restrict the user from touching dangerous objects and not allowing vertical free fall.


Before using the safety rope grabber, you must pay attention to some things that should be paid attention to. A safety rope grabber can only carry the weight of one person. This must be kept in mind; the assembly of the area restriction system must ensure that no vertical free fall occurs. ; Ensure that the fall path has sufficient clearance distance to avoid hitting obstacles during the fall; the equipment cannot be placed in a corrosive environment for a long time, because the steam emitted by organic materials will cause corrosion of metal parts, such as ammonia content in sewage plants and fertilizer plants Both are quite high. When using this equipment in other corrosive environments such as sea areas, the number of inspections or maintenance should be increased to ensure that no corrosive damage will affect the performance of the product.

The safety rope grabber should avoid acids, alkalis or other irritating chemicals, especially at high temperatures, which can cause damage to the equipment. When these chemicals are present in the operating environment, the number of inspections of the equipment must be increased; it cannot be used at high temperatures Environment, please provide protective measures for the equipment when using the equipment near welding, metal cutting and other similar operations, because high-temperature sparks will burn or damage the equipment; when the equipment is used near high-voltage lines, current may flow through the equipment or Connect parts, so be sure to pay special attention.


Before using the safety rope grabber, it is necessary to provide relevant professional training to the user. If it is used without training, it is easy to have problems of this kind and that are related to safety issues, so every worker and factory should pay attention to it every time. When working, it is necessary to check whether there is a problem with the safety rope grabber. Only in this way can the work proceed smoothly and the safety of the user can be guaranteed.