Using a Vertical Anchorage Line to Determine a Proximity Fall Arrest System For Your Ladder Tower

Abst:The Vertical Anchorage Line (VAL) is a two-point tie-down system that attaches a lanyard to an emergency grip. The vertical anchor line consists of a
The Vertical Anchorage Line (VAL) is a two-point tie-down system that attaches a lanyard to an emergency grip. The vertical anchor line consists of a Stainless Steel double-sided rope with an eye/fin. The eye is placed in a hole that can be drilled into concrete, wood or drywall. To keep the eye level, the top of the lanyard is adjusted to an angle of ninety degrees. It should be made tight enough to prevent the retrieval of the lanyard but not so tight as to cause injury to the user.

The VAM system also makes use of two mounting brackets-one on the side of the tower at ground level and one on the ground floor of the tower. The two mounted brackets are each screwed into concrete footers using stainless steel U-bolts. The Stainless Steel Rope Grab is attached to the user with no additional lanyard without an additional lanyard hook. The unique feature of this system is a permanent fixed stainless steel counterbalance located at the very top of the lanyards rope.

A vertical anchorage line consists of a series of eight stainless steel points, which are used as tie-down points for the use in holding down rope ladders. This system is a great solution for fall protection of a work ladder. If a fall occurs at work, employees will be able to quickly move to a safer location. The tie-down anchors can be locked into place with the use of an electronic locking device. The locking devices are located on both sides of the ladder to ensure there are no accidental falls.

A vertical anchorage line may be made up of different materials. These materials are usually made of man made stainless steel wire rope or nylon webbing. This system allows an individual to have a little bit more freedom of movement when it comes to putting their feet on the ground while standing on their ladder. It also gives an individual some peace of mind knowing that their feet will be securely fastened to the ground. Most importantly, when the person is walking on a ladder they do not fear falling.

There are a lot of safety features that are built into this system that include a fully variable magnetic anchor and heavy duty fall arrest system. When the individual uses the system properly, the rope locks itself into place at every point so there is no loose rope anywhere around the person. It also has a strong stainless steel anchor that will hold the rope in place at all times. This way, even if the person were to walk off and use another ladder the anchor will hold the ropes secured. This also means that there is no possibility of losing the ladder while you are standing on it because you have the securety of the entire system locked in place.

The second set of mounting brackets that are used with this type of system are used as a way for the ladder to lock itself into place to prevent any tipping. Most products are made from a high grade, heavy duty nylon webbing with a fully variable magnetic anchor. All equipment is fully powder coated and waterproofed. The system is maintained in the rigid position by means of use of two mounting brackets-one mounted on each side of the tower.