Outdoor sports, safety protection issues are most important


In today's society, people's life pressures are very la […]

In today's society, people's life pressures are very large. Whether it is busy study or work, we feel exhausted and feel very helpless. Especially in big cities, the rhythm of the city is accelerating day and night, and many people feel very depressed inside, nowhere to vent. Therefore, many people now hope to find a reasonable way to vent, such as some sports extreme sports, etc., to release the pressure, not only can challenge themselves, exercise, but also strengthen the mind.

Nowadays, many people like to do it. What are the characteristics of the fall arrester in terms of performance? Do some challenging sports, such as outdoor sports such as rock climbing. Rock climbing is a sport that has a high demand for physical fitness and willpower. It is generally divided into indoor rock climbing and outdoor rock climbing. Outdoor rock climbing is more difficult than indoors, so many people will first carry out some indoor climbing training, accumulate some related skills and experience, and then transfer to outdoor rock climbing. Generally speaking, rock climbing is not suitable for everyone. Rock climbing requires not only the athlete's physical strength, but also good willpower, thinking ability and resilience. Only with these conditions can the sport be qualified. .

At the time of rock climbing, various safety guards, such as slings and seat belts, are used. Since rock climbing has a certain risk factor, it is very important to use slings properly during sports to reduce safety accidents and the choice and use of seat belts. The quality of the sling should be qualified and can be tested by the authority of the country.

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