Safety rope use and precautions


Safety ropes are protective equipment that prevents wor […]

Safety ropes are protective equipment that prevents workers from falling from high places. Because the greater the height of the fall, the greater the impact force, therefore, the safety rope must have the following two basic conditions: (1) must have sufficient strength to withstand the impact of the human body when falling; (2) can prevent the human body Falling to a certain extent that can cause injury (ie, it should be able to lick the human body before this limit, and the position will not fall down). This condition needs to be explained again. When the human body falls down from a height, if it exceeds a certain limit, even if the person pulls the rope, the impact force is too large, and the internal organs will be damaged and died. For this reason, the length of the rope should not be too long and there must be a certain limit.

Each user has a fixed set of safety cords.

- Take some necessary precautions before each use and ensure safe rescue if necessary.

- The safety rope is for one person at a time and the user should know how to use it.

- Check the safety rope before each use. If in doubt, replace the safety rope immediately.

- Take all necessary measures during use to avoid damage to the equipment caused by the operation.

- Avoid contact with sharp objects and corrosive substances.

- The safety rope according to EN 354 can be used with a shock absorber, provided that it is connected to the anti-fall belt (connected via a connector)

The total length does not exceed 2


- If the safety rope is adjustable, check the regulator position periodically during use.

- After a fall accident, the safety rope cannot be used any more.

- It is forbidden to replace parts on the safety rope.

- Choose an object that is highly resistant (at least 10kN). The support point is preferably on the upper part of the user.

- A safety rope without a shock absorber is not used as a fall arrest system.

The safety rope must be inspected before use and found to be damaged and used.

The activity clips are fastened when worn and must not be exposed to open flames and chemicals. The safety rope is always kept clean. After use, it should be stored properly. After it is dirty, it can be washed with warm water and soapy water in the shade. It can't be soaked in hot water or sunburned. After one year of use, a full inspection is carried out, and the used 1% tensile test is taken out, and no damage or major deformation of each component is qualified.