Safety rope using tips


As a fall protection device for use with high-altitude […]

As a fall protection device for use with high-altitude safety belts, safety ropes are also very important. Reasonable use of safety ropes is a prerequisite for ensuring the safety of construction workers. Let's take a look at the use of safety ropes.

before use:

Before using the safety rope, check whether it has the conditions for use. Generally, the safety rope cannot be used as follows:

1. As with the seat belt, the service life of the safety rope is up to 5 years, and it cannot be used after it is exceeded;

2. Continuous use more than 300 times;

3. The wear layer has a large area of ​​wear or a core rope is exposed;

4. The inner layer is damaged and cannot be repaired;

5. The outer layer is stained with oil that is not easy to clean or flammable chemicals;


1. It is necessary to choose a safety rope reasonably. If it is used for rescue, it is recommended to choose a static safety rope. For the fall protection, the dynamic safety rope should be selected. It is necessary to pay special attention to the safety rope with a metal ring when it is falling rapidly. The friction will generate heat when sliding. If the temperature is too high, the lifting point may be damaged.

2, routine inspections are required every week, mainly to check whether there are scratches, abrasions, chemical corrosion and so on.

After use:

1. The safety rope after use should be placed in a cool and ventilated environment, and should not be exposed to sunlight;

2. It is recommended to use neutral detergent to clean. If it is found to be contaminated with chemical corrosion, stop using the safety rope immediately.