The application of the aerial work fall arrester and the solution to the noise


High-altitude operations are high-risk occupations. Fal […]

High-altitude operations are high-risk occupations. Falling accidents may occur during minor errors in the operation. In order to avoid accidents, workers must wear protective devices such as fall arresters, safety belts and safety ropes as required to ensure safe operation.

Nowadays, high-altitude operations can be seen everywhere. High-rise cleaning, exterior wall painting, air-conditioning installation, power maintenance, etc. are all high-altitude operations. High-altitude workers must undergo pre-job training to qualify for work; protective equipment must be worn before operation; In the process of standard operation, try not to tilt the work, so as not to collide with other objects, causing damage to the fall arrester; after completing the work, clean the fall arrester and select the appropriate place for storage.

If the fall arrester has noise during use, stop working immediately, and carry out inspection and maintenance, how can we solve this problem?

1. Adjust the horizontal position of the bottom plate of the fall arrester so that the safety device obtains an ideal meshing clearance with the rack.

2. Adjust the verticality of the bottom plate of the fall arrester relative to the horizontal plane and adjust the influence of deformation after welding by using the adjusting pad.

3. Adjust the angle of the tilting device to avoid the friction between the outer casing and sharp objects.