The application range and use of the tightening device


The tightener is composed of a tightening belt, a faste […]

The tightener is composed of a tightening belt, a fastener and a metal end part. The tightener is a hand-driven tension device with a pre-stress up to 5000kg.
A. The tie-down device is mainly used for the tie-down of goods on trucks, trailers, ships or rails, and the binding and tightening of steel, wood and various pipe materials; the tie-down device is also suitable for vehicle trailers and rescue; Cannot be used for lifting goods.

B. The tightening device has high tensile strength; the tensioning prestress is large. The ratcheting device for ratcheting transportation is mechanically tensioned with a ratchet, which is easy to use. The prestress of the ratcheting transportation device can reach 5000kg. It can bind goods firmly, which is impossible to hold rope; the width of the tightening device is 25mm to 75mm, and the contact surface with the goods is larger, which can effectively protect the goods; the tightening device can quickly load and unload the goods, saving Time, increase rate.

Because of this, most of the world began to gradually abandon the rope as early as 30 years ago, and the tie-down device has been widely used in various countries in the world in the late 1980s.