The characteristics and functions of three kinds of high-altitude safety ropes

Abst:There are many types of safety ropes. If they are divided according to their purposes, they can be divided into three types: horizontal safety ropes,

There are many types of safety ropes. If they are divided according to their purposes, they can be divided into three types: horizontal safety ropes, vertical safety ropes and fire safety ropes. The safety ropes with different functions have different characteristics:


1. Horizontal safety rope Horizontal safety rope refers to the safety rope used for horizontal movement on the steel frame. Because the safety rope is installed horizontally, the rope needs to have a small elongation and a high sliding rate. The rope is generally injection molded with a steel wire rope. The elongation of the steel wire rope is small. After injection, the appearance of the rope is very good, and it is convenient for safety hooks. Can move easily on the rope. The diameter of the rope is usually 11mm and 13mm in diameter after injection, and it is used with the rope clamp and the basket screw. The rope is widely used in the installation of steel frames in thermal power generation projects, and the installation and maintenance of steel structure projects.

2. Vertical safety rope The vertical safety rope refers to the protective rope used for the vertical movement of the steel frame. It is generally used with climbing self-locking devices. The requirements for the rope are not too high. Both braided and stranded can be used. However, to achieve the tensile strength specified by the state, the diameter of the rope should be between 16mm-18mm to reach the climbing self-locking device. The diameter required for locking and the length of the rope are determined by the working height. One end of the rope is buckled and one is locked with the insurance card. The length can be customized according to customer requirements.


3. Fire safety ropes Fire safety ropes are mainly used for escape from tall buildings. It has two kinds of weaving and twisting, and it is sturdy, light, and beautiful in appearance. The diameter of the rope is 14mm-16mm, with a buckle at one end and a safety card lock. The tensile strength reaches the national standard. The length is 15m, 20m, 25m, 30m, 35m, 40m, 45m, 50m. The length can also be customized according to user requirements. The rope is widely used by residents of modern high-rise and small high-rise buildings. The outer wall cleaning rope is divided into main rope and auxiliary rope. The main rope is used to hang and wash the sitting board. The auxiliary rope is used to prevent accidental fall. The main rope diameter is 18mm-20mm. The rope is required to be strong, not loosely twisted, and high tensile strength. The diameter of the auxiliary rope is 14mm-18mm, and the standard is the same as other safety ropes.