The use method and precautions of technical parameters of anti-fall brake

Abst:The anti-fall brake is a safety product for working at height. It has the advantages of high strength, wear resistance, durability, mildew resistance,

The anti-fall brake is a safety product for working at height. It has the advantages of high strength, wear resistance, durability, mildew resistance, acid and alkali resistance, simple and light weight, and safe application. If someone is working at height, it can be worn, it does not limit the height and position of the supplies. Today, I will talk about the technical parameters, usage methods and precautions of anti-fall brakes for everyone.


How to use anti-fall brake

The speed difference automatic controller is fixedly suspended above the operation point, and the rope in the automatic controller is connected with the upper half ring of the safety belt to pull the rope arbitrarily and work at a certain position. After the work is completed, the person moves upward, and the rope is automatically retracted into the automatic control device. When falling, the auto-controller is controlled by the speed to perform braking control. During the test, the length of the drawn rope is 0.8m, and it is required that the sliding distance of the simulated human body does not exceed 1.2m when falling.

Precautions for using anti-fall brake

1. The anti-drop device must be hung high and used low, and should be hung on the structure with a strong blunt edge above the user when in use.

2. Check the safety rope and appearance before using the anti-drop device, and test the lock 2 to 3 times (test lock method: the safety rope should be pulled out at a normal speed and a "tap" or "tap" sound should be made; violently pull the safety The rope should be able to be locked. The safety rope should be able to be automatically recovered into the device when the hand is released. If the safety rope cannot be fully recovered, just pull out some safety ropes). If there is any abnormality, stop using it and send it back to our factory for replacement within the warranty period.

3. When using the anti-drop device for tilting, in principle, the inclination should not exceed 30 degrees. If it is above 30 degrees, you must consider whether it can hit the surrounding objects.

4. The key parts of the fall arrester have been specially treated for wear resistance, corrosion resistance, etc., and have been rigorously debugged, and no lubricant needs to be added during use.

5. The anti-fall device is strictly forbidden to use the safety rope. Disassembly and modification are strictly prohibited. It should be placed in a dry and dust-free place.

6. The aluminum-gold shell sealed by the fall arrester is automatically controlled by the speed change, and is a new type of patented safety product.

7. The anti-drop device can effectively control the human body from falling out of control through the anti-ratchet double disc brake system.

8. The rope can be pulled out at will during the operation of the fall arrester. Under normal circumstances (less than 2 meters per second), it does not affect normal operation.

The anti-fall brake is a much more useful and safer product than seat belts, and it is an all-metal device, and the length can be adjusted at will, suitable for workers working at heights and with a relatively large range of activities.