Vertical Anchor Line Systems

Abst: The use of a vertical Anchorage line in a power line structure or other high voltage line application is becoming more common. Since its invention mo
The use of a vertical Anchorage line in a power line structure or other high voltage line application is becoming more common. Since its invention more than 30 years ago the vertical anchor line has proved an effective, low cost and reliable means to support structures when required. These types of anchor lines are usually available as a pre-fabricated component or as an integrated solution to multi-level structures.
The components of a vertical Anchorage line are typically made of stainless steel wire rope, which is then fitted with a flexible steel chord. The resulting rigid position product is then fixed to a steel beam of suitable design. This rigid position product will then exert forces on the surface that it is to support. The supporting component is then fitted with a locking mechanism to prevent any unwanted movement. The components are generally available in a number of different diameters to suit the particular application.
Vertical anchor lines are commonly used for applications where a low visual appearance is required. For example where a structural load is applied directly above the structure it is often the case that a thin wire rope may be employed. This enables the visual inspection of the load and location without having to be visually connected to the load and structure directly. Alternatively if a thin wire rope is not required a thicker rigid position wire rope may be employed. Again this allows for inspection without directly connecting to the load and structure.
Often vertical Anchorage lines are made of a combination of stainless steel wire rope and a rigid position fabric. In some cases an additional reinforcement fabric may be added to the core of the product to allow for extra strength. In this way a much larger and stronger cable is made with the same diameter of the supporting component. A further variation of the product is made from high quality stainless steel wire rope with a hollow interior center insert which provides additional load carrying capacity.
The rigid aluminium rail system is another popular vertical Anchorage line system which is commonly made using stainless steel wire rope and a rigid aluminium rail system. When fitted to the structure of a smooth thin flat or textured surface is attached to the end of the aluminium rail system. As the load changes from horizontal to vertical the steel ladder rungs move up or down providing a friction-free method of attachment to the building. Further advantages include; ease of installation, use in mobile buildings and application to either full concrete slabs or precast concrete slabs.
Vertical Anchorage line systems can also be fitted onto the sides of buildings and walls. The main advantage of these installations is that they offer a much safer way of moving a load vertically. The use of metal vertical Anchorage line systems is now widespread across many industries including telecommunications, telecommunication, aeronautics, engineering and manufacturing and property development. For more information on products and installation Please click on the links below.