What are the basic common sense of high altitude anti-dropping device?


The high-altitude fall arrester is a kind of safety pro […]

The high-altitude fall arrester is a kind of safety protection against falling from high-altitude workers when working at heights.

Due to the safety of our staff, we must have strict requirements when using them.

First of all, the speed difference controller should be hung up and lowered, and suspended from the structural material fixed above the user to prevent swinging and collision. When using this unit for tilting work, the angle of inclination must not exceed 30° and it depends on whether it will hit the surrounding objects.

When we pull the safety rope normally, we will make a "beep, bang" sound. If the safety rope can't be returned, just adjust the speed slightly.

In addition, it is strictly forbidden to tie the rope when using. The rope hook of the speed difference automatic controller must be hung on the connecting ring of the seat belt, and must be away from sharp objects, fire sources and charged objects.

It is important to note that the parts on the speed difference automatic control unit must not be removed or replaced arbitrarily, and no lubricant should be added during use. Before use, the test should be done before the use can be confirmed.

Everyday during the use of the speed difference automatic control device, it is necessary to check whether the speed difference automatic control device works well, whether the rope hook, the lifting ring, the fixing point, the nut, etc. are loose, whether there is crack or damage in the housing, and whether the steel wire rope has Wear, deformation elongation, broken wire, etc., should be discontinued once abnormalities are found.