What are the ways to use climbing self-locking device?


1. The main rope of the self-locking device should be s […]

1. The main rope of the self-locking device should be set up before the equipment frame is hoisted according to the needs; the main rope should be placed vertically, the upper and lower ends are fixed, no joints are allowed within the same protection range; the distance between the main rope and the equipment frame should be able to meet the requirements The lock can be used flexibly. Before use, the self-locking device should be pressed into the main rope to try to pull. When the ring is pulled violently, it should be locked flexibly, and it can be used after confirming the safety and insurance.

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2. The safety rope and the main rope are strictly prohibited from knotting or twisting; the rope hook must be hung on the connection ring of the safety belt; sharp objects, fire sources, corrosives and charged objects are strictly prohibited from approaching or contacting the self-locking device and the main rope. When this kind of situation occurs, it should be stopped and checked. After confirming that it is correct, it can continue to be used. The self-locking device should be checked regularly to require good working performance; the lock hook bolts and rivets should not be loose; the shell should be There should be no cracks or deformation; the safety rope should be free of wear and deformation; no slack at the upper and lower fixed points. If an abnormality is found, it should be dealt with or replaced in time.