What Is an Industrial Safety Harness?

Abst:An Industrial Safety Harness (also known as a PPE) is a safety device that helps workers stay attached to a lanyard while working at heights. The harn
An Industrial Safety Harness (also known as a PPE) is a safety device that helps workers stay attached to a lanyard while working at heights. The harness is usually adjustable, and may be made for either men or women. Each harness has several different components, including shoulder straps, leg straps, sub-pelvic assemblies, adjustable buckles, and one or more D-rings for attaching ladder safety devices.
When worn properly, an industrial safety harness prevents a worker from falling from a height. This prevents a worker from hitting the ground and suffering serious injuries. The industrial safety harness is an essential part of fall protection systems because it can help prevent serious injuries and death from working at heights. In addition to protecting workers from injury, a safety harness gives them confidence that they will not fall. They also enable them to freely use their hands while working.
An Industrial Safety Harness can also be used for passive fall protection. The lanyard attaches to the D-ring on a worker's safety harness. Some lanyards also have shock-absorbing features. They can also serve as a lifeline. When choosing a safety lanyard, users should know the distance that the fall protection anchor needs to cover. To calculate the distance, multiply the deceleration distance with the height of the suspended worker. In addition to this, the clearance distance must be at least three feet away from any obstruction or danger that could catch the worker in a fall.
An industrial safety harness has five points of adjustment and is made of durable fabric. Some harnesses come with additional features, such as dual lanyards, PVC-coated D-rings, and a removable hip pad. They also come with optional derrick belts and a hood latch lock, and they're also flame and conductive-resistant. A harness may also come with integrated trauma straps.
An Industrial Safety Harness is an effective piece of safety equipment that keeps a worker safe while performing height activities. Each attachment point will distribute the weight of the worker's body, preventing a fall. There are different models available for different activities, such as Twin Leg Lanyard, Rope Harness, and Confined Space Harness. Those performing trapeze or other activities that require shoulder straps are generally recommended for Confined Space Harnesses.

Working Belts Lanyard Cross Arm Strap HT-714

Belt Material:100% polyester Detail information
Color:as customer
match with the lanyard (long 1.5m,Dia:14mm)for protection
Hook:Small stamping snap hook

Product Type Cross Arm Strap
Webbing 25mm Wide Polyester webbing
Strength 18kN
Length 1.0M,1.5M & 2M or as reguest
Individually inspect by QC