Rappelling Gear Belay Device HT-F11 Suppliers

Rappelling Gear Belay Device HT-F11

Rappelling Gear Belay Device HT-F11

Product Details

Keep Your Safety: It uses the friction between the rope and the Descender device to slow down the descent or brake. Extra thick with ears and belay slot will keep your safety, even in a rescue or emergency situation.
Superior Braking Resistance: Allows for smooth rope action while descending or belaying, offers superb control on rope.
EASY LOCK-OFF: With bent-ear, locking yourself off with both hands free will be much easier and safer.
It Applies To: Suitable for Mountain Climbing, Rock Climbing, Ice Climbing, Rescue, Working-At-Height, Technical Rope Rescue, Climbers, Cavers, Family Emergency Reserve, Kids Rock Climbing Training and Sport Rappelers

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