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Hangzhou Hetai Security & Protection Co.Ltd was established in 2010, located in Hangzhou .We are a professional personal security products manufacturer ,mainly produce full body safety harness and safety rope . We have  created our own brand "HOATER". Our products are exported  to all over the world , such as  Europe ,North America ,South America ,Southeast Asia, Africa,the Middle East and so on .


Hangzhou Hetai Safety Belt Co.,Ltd was established in 2010, located in Hangzhou.We are a professional China Safety Hat Manufacturers and Safety Hat factory, mainly produce full body safety harness and safety rope. We have created our own brand "HOATER". Our products like Safety Hat are exported to all over the world , such as Europe ,North America,South America,Southeast Asia,Africa,the Middle East and so on.We also provide professional ODM and OEM services ,as well as the professional design and OEM experience bring you the best valuable . "HOATER" supply the most professional products service ,try our best to be your best partner , and create a better future together.



Our safety harnesses are made of premium webbing and have a hook-and-loop adjustment system for quick, easy adjustment. The quick-connect buckles make it easy to put on and take off so you can stay safe and at work quickly.


Safety harnesses are used to secure employees working above or below ground level on construction projects. It is vital that these safety belts be properly used, inspected and maintained. It is often a requirement of OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) that all workers wear safety harnesses at all times.


Main production industrial and rescue safety belts, military and police safety belts, rock climbing safety belts, high-altitude safety ropes, escape fall prevention equipment systems and technical and training services



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Industry Knowledge

How does a Safety Hat provide essential head protection in various industries?

Safety Hats are specifically designed to protect the head from potential hazards and impacts in perse industrial settings. They are an integral part of personal protective equipment (PPE) programs and are widely used across various industries. Let's examine how Safety Hats provide essential head protection in different industrial environments:

Impact Protection: Safety Hats are engineered to withstand and absorb the impact of falling objects, flying debris, or accidental bumps and collisions. The rigid outer shell of the hat, typically made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or other durable materials, acts as a barrier between the head and potential hazards, minimizing the risk of head injuries.

Penetration Resistance: Safety Hats feature a suspension system inside the helmet that helps prevent sharp or pointed objects from penetrating the shell and directly impacting the head. This additional layer of protection guards against injuries from objects like nails, bolts, or other protruding elements present in industrial environments.

Electrical Protection: In industries where there is a risk of electrical hazards, Safety Hats with electrical insulation properties are utilized. These hats are designed to offer protection against low-voltage electrical shocks and provide a dielectric barrier between the head and potential electrical sources, reducing the risk of electrical injuries.

Heat and Fire Resistance: Safety Hats used in industries where heat or fire hazards are present are often made from materials with flame-resistant properties. These hats can withstand high temperatures, offering protection against radiant heat, flame contact, and molten metal splashes, thereby reducing the risk of burns and related injuries.

Visibility Enhancement: Some Safety Hats incorporate reflective materials or high-visibility colors to improve visibility, particularly in low-light or high-traffic environments. This feature enhances the wearer's visibility to others, reducing the risk of accidents caused by limited visibility or inattentiveness.

Industry-Specific Standards: Safety Hats comply with industry-specific safety standards, such as those set by organizations like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in the United States or the European Standard EN 397. These standards ensure that Safety Hats meet specific requirements and provide adequate protection for workers in different industries.

Comfort and Adjustability: Safety Hats are designed to prioritize wearer comfort and adjustability. They typically feature adjustable suspension systems, sweatbands, and ventilation channels to provide a secure and comfortable fit. This ensures that workers can wear their Safety Hats for extended periods without discomfort or excessive perspiration, promoting compliance with safety regulations.

In summary, Safety Hats play a vital role in safeguarding the head from potential hazards in various industries. They provide impact protection, penetration resistance, electrical insulation, heat and fire resistance, visibility enhancement, and compliance with industry-specific safety standards.

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