High Strength Steel carabiner HT-R04 Suppliers

High Strength Steel carabiner HT-R04

High Strength Steel carabiner HT-R04

Product Details

High Strength Steel carabiner Modified D-shaped Carabiner

- Introducing our new extra high strength carabiner.
- This modified D-shaped carabiner is strong and versatile.
- It has a large, snag-free, key-shaped nose and generous opening for easy clipping.
- Auto-locking decreases the possiblity the user will forget to lock the gate and prevents the gate from unlocking from vibrations while working.
- We built it to provide the highest strength with its alloy steel body and auto-locking, 3-directional gate tested at 3600 lbs.
- Its captive eye pin keeps rope or webbing from slipping.
- This makes it the best choice for a wide variety of industrial and sporting applications.
- Available in gold and black.
- Meets ANSI Z 359.1-2007 standards. MBS: 50KN

Product Type Steel autolock carabiner
Minimum Breaking strength 25KN
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