Heavy steel Auto Locking Carabiner HT-R05 Suppliers

Heavy steel Auto Locking Carabiner HT-R05

Product Details

steel Auto Locking Carabiner Modified D-Shape Carabiner

- Cold forged, modified D-shaped, aluminum carabiner with an auto-locking spring loaded gate and snag free key nose.
- Featuring a modified D-shape and is perfect for all climbing and tactical uses.
- Perfect for belaying and a variety of tactical and climbing because it is easy to use with one hand and locks as soon as it’s released.
- This aluminum, auto-locking carabiner provides the maximum amount of safety and durability.
- It has a snag-free key nose for faster clipping and unclipping, and features an auto-locking spring loaded gate.
- Easy to use single-handedly.
- Available in multiple colors.

Product Type Steel autolock carabiner
Minimum Breaking strength 25KN

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