Ultra-Light Screw Locking Carabiner HT-R03 Suppliers

Ultra-Light Screw Locking Carabiner HT-R03

Product Details

Optimized carabiner with SCREW LOCKING system, is intended for multiple mountaineering uses: attach belay system to harness, rigging, connecting, anchoring; and covers numerous outdoor/indoor applications with unbeatable properties: belts/straps/ropes conjunction, hammock suspension, secure gears/devices, escalate leashes for medium/large dogs.
D-shape screw locking carabiner of 24kN Breaking strength, both CE and UIAA certified, SAFE and GUARANTEED; 53g/1.87Oz lightweight; 2.5” width, 3.9” height, compact for good handling, easy one-hand manipulation; 3/4-in wide gate opening, good for connection and consolidation of ropes/gears/devices; Spring loaded gate for easy clip.

Product Type Steel screwgate carabiner
Minimum Breaking strength 25KN

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