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Hangzhou Hetai Security & Protection Co.Ltd was established in 2010, located in Hangzhou .We are a professional personal security products manufacturer ,mainly produce full body safety harness and safety rope . We have  created our own brand "HOATER". Our products are exported  to all over the world , such as  Europe ,North America ,South America ,Southeast Asia, Africa,the Middle East and so on .


Hangzhou Hetai Safety Belt Co.,Ltd was established in 2010, located in Hangzhou.We are a professional China Energy Shock Absorbers Lanyard Manufacturers and energy shock absorbers lanyard factory, mainly produce full body safety harness and safety rope. We have created our own brand "HOATER". Our products like Energy Absorber Lanyard are exported to all over the world , such as Europe ,North America,South America,Southeast Asia,Africa,the Middle East and so on.We also provide professional ODM and OEM services ,as well as the professional design and OEM experience bring you the best valuable . "HOATER" supply the most professional products service ,try our best to be your best partner , and create a better future together.


An energy shock absorber lanyard is a safety device that is used to protect workers from falls when working at heights. It is designed to absorb the kinetic energy of a fall and reduce the forces experienced by the worker. The lanyard is typically made of a flexible material, such as nylon or Kevlar, and is attached to a harness worn by the worker. When the worker falls, the lanyard stretches and slows their descent, reducing the impact of the fall. Energy shock absorber lanyards are an important part of fall protection systems and are commonly used in construction, oil and gas, and utility industries.


Our safety harnesses are made of premium webbing and have a hook-and-loop adjustment system for quick, easy adjustment. The quick-connect buckles make it easy to put on and take off so you can stay safe and at work quickly.


Safety harnesses are used to secure employees working above or below ground level on construction projects. It is vital that these safety belts be properly used, inspected and maintained. It is often a requirement of OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) that all workers wear safety harnesses at all times.


Main production industrial and rescue safety belts, military and police safety belts, rock climbing safety belts, high-altitude safety ropes, escape fall prevention equipment systems and technical and training services



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