Energy webbing Forked lanyard HT-511 Suppliers

Energy webbing Forked lanyard HT-511

Product Details

high-profile energy absorbing fall arrest lanyard 6’ in length with two rebar hooks (connects to anchor points) and one snap hook (connects to harness dorsal D-ring). Includes a shock absorber connected to the webbing.
QUALITY MATERIALS: High-strength polyester stitching and webbing, shock absorber, forged steel snap hook and rebar hooks with minimum breaking strength of 5,000 lbs provide safety, quality and dependability.
USABILITY: Stamped snap hook on one end and two 2.25” rebar hook on other ends. The dual-leg hooks provide 100% tie-off options. The clear shock pack ensures easy label inspection.
COMPLIANCE: Meets OSHA 1926.502, OSHA Z359.13 and ANSI A10.32 standards.

Product Code Energy Absorber Forked Lanyard with D-Ring
Product Type 140 kg
Rope material 45mm Polyester Webbing Lanyard
Scaffold Hook Strength 25 kN
Carabiner Strength 25 kN
Available length 1.5m,1.8m,and 2.0m
Standards EN355:2002
Individually inspect by QC

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