Energy Absorber Lanyard with D-Ring HT-505 Suppliers

Energy Absorber Lanyard with D-Ring HT-505

Product Details

Energy Absorber Lanyard with D-Ring inch PVC coated steel cable y-lanyard, comes with E4 energy absorber. It also comes with 1 double locking ergonomic snap hook at one end and 2 double locking rebar hooks at the other end. It is a fixed Length. The cable lanyards with PVC coating provides additional durability to withstand harsh conditions making it more versatile in more applications. Flemish eyes termination on the cable provides additional safety to ensure that the product will perform when required.

Product Type Energy Absorber Forked Lanyard with D-Ring
Capacity 140 kg
Rope material 14mm Diameter 3 Strand Polyester Twisted Rope
Scaffold Hook Strength 25 kN
Carabiner Strength 25 kN
Available length 1.5m,1.8m,and 2.0m
Standards EN355:2002
Individually inspect by QC  

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