Pass CE test full body harness HT-326 Suppliers

Pass CE test full body harness HT-326

Product Details

full body harness The full body harness with through-hole foot buckles is the best economical harness available on the market. With double lanyard fixer, it can fix the lanyard to the roadside when working. Hetai also comes with a customizable patch that allows workers to record information on the seat belt without compromising the integrity of the seat belt. hetai aims to increase efficiency and affordability while meeting strict ANSI and OSHA testing requirements and standards.

Product Type Fall Arrest, Working Positioning,Ladder Climbing
Capacity 140 kg
D-ring Location Back ,Sternal,Waist
Strap Adjustability Chest & Thigh
Webbing Material 45mm polyester webbing
Buckle Strength 18 kN
D-Ring Strength 25 kN
Size Universal
Standards EN361:2002 EN358:1999
Individually inspect by QC

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