Safety Climbing Chest Harness HT-328 Suppliers

Safety Climbing Chest Harness HT-328

Product Details

Safety Climbing Chest Harness A climbing chest harness is worn around the shoulders, usually with a sit harness so as to provide an additional attachment point. This attachment point allows for better balance in some situations such as when carrying a heavy pack (as the certre of mass is below the connection to the rope) and when the person in the harness may be unable to maintain an upright position (due to injury or other influences).

Product Type Fall Arrest, Working Positioning,Ladder Climbing
Capacity 140 kg
D-ring Location Back ,Sternal,Waist,Ventral
Strap Adjustability Shoulder,Chest Waist & Thigh
Webbing Material 45mm polyester webbing
Buckle Strength 18 kN
D-Ring Strength 25 kN
Size Universal
Standards EN361:2002  EN358:1999
Individually inspect by QC

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