Full Body Safety Harness For Construction Area-336 Suppliers

Full Body Safety Harness For Construction Area-336

Product Details

Custom full body harness and lanyard

Specializing in the design, customization and manufacturing of full-body seat belts and lanyards, including high-altitude seat belts, fire safety belts, wind power belts, climbing belts and oil extraction belts. All of them can be customized with complete ease. We are committed to providing high-quality, high-performance, cost-effective options to meet the specific needs of customers.


Product Type Fall Arrest
Capacity 140 kg
D-ring Location Back
Strap Adjustability Shoulder ,Chest & Thigh
Webbing Material 45mm polyester webbing
Buckle Strength 18 kN
D-Ring Strength 25 kN
Size Universal
Standards EN361:2002
Individually inspect by QC

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