Restraint Forked Rebar Hook Lannyard HT-L608 Suppliers

Restraint Forked Rebar Hook Lannyard HT-L608

Restraint Forked Rebar Hook Lannyard HT-L608

Product Details

Specifically designed for tying-off at the foot level for free falls of up to 12 ft. when no overhead anchorage is available^Low profile internal energy absorber enhances user comfort^Maximum user capacity of 500 lbs.
Fall Protection Internal Shock Lanyard is comprised of heavy duty outer polyester webbing, with a polyester core specifically designed to reduce the impact forces resulting from a fall. Because the shock absorption is built directly into the lanyard there is no need for an external shock absorber, making the Internal Shock Lanyard a particularly lightweight option. This lanyard does not stretch, except if exposed to high levels of force, and is available in single and double leg models, and with a variety of connector component options.

Product Code Restraint Forked Lannyard
Product Type 140 kg
Rope material 45mm Polyester Expandable Webbing Lanyard
Scaffold Hook Strength 25 kN
Carabiner Strength 25 kN
Available length 1.5m,1.8m,and 2.0m
Standards EN354:2010
Individually inspect by QC  
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