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Hangzhou Hetai Security & Protection Co.Ltd was established in 2010, located in Hangzhou .We are a professional personal security products manufacturer ,mainly produce full body safety harness and safety rope . We have  created our own brand "HOATER". Our products are exported  to all over the world , such as  Europe ,North America ,South America ,Southeast Asia, Africa,the Middle East and so on .


Hangzhou Hetai Safety Belt Co.,Ltd was established in 2010, located in Hangzhou.We are a professional China Retractable Fall Arrester Manufacturers and Retractable Fall Arrester factory, mainly produce full body safety harness and safety rope. We have created our own brand "HOATER". Our products like Retractable Fall Arrester are exported to all over the world , such as Europe ,North America,South America,Southeast Asia,Africa,the Middle East and so on.We also provide professional ODM and OEM services ,as well as the professional design and OEM experience bring you the best valuable . "HOATER" supply the most professional products service ,try our best to be your best partner , and create a better future together.



Our safety harnesses are made of premium webbing and have a hook-and-loop adjustment system for quick, easy adjustment. The quick-connect buckles make it easy to put on and take off so you can stay safe and at work quickly.


Safety harnesses are used to secure employees working above or below ground level on construction projects. It is vital that these safety belts be properly used, inspected and maintained. It is often a requirement of OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) that all workers wear safety harnesses at all times.


Main production industrial and rescue safety belts, military and police safety belts, rock climbing safety belts, high-altitude safety ropes, escape fall prevention equipment systems and technical and training services



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Industry Knowledge

How does a Retractable Fall Arrester enhance worker safety and fall protection in various industries?

Retractable Fall Arresters are innovative devices that play a crucial role in ensuring worker safety and fall protection across a wide range of industries. These devices are designed to arrest falls, minimize fall distances, and reduce the risk of injury. Let's delve into how Retractable Fall Arresters enhance worker safety in various industries:

Construction and Roofing: In the construction and roofing industries, workers often operate at height, facing the risk of falls. Retractable Fall Arresters provide a reliable means of protection by allowing workers to move freely while maintaining a constant tension on the lifeline. In the event of a fall, the retractable mechanism activates, quickly arresting the fall and minimizing the potential fall distance.

Oil and Gas: The oil and gas industry involves working on offshore platforms, drilling rigs, or in confined spaces. Retractable Fall Arresters are crucial in these environments, providing workers with the ability to move safely and efficiently, while ensuring immediate fall arrest in case of a fall. These devices contribute to maintaining worker safety and preventing accidents during critical operations.

Utilities and Telecommunications: Workers in the utilities and telecommunications sectors often perform tasks on poles, towers, or elevated structures. Retractable Fall Arresters offer a practical solution by allowing workers to access various points while maintaining constant fall protection. These devices enable safe working conditions and reduce the risk of falls and injuries.

Manufacturing and Warehousing: In manufacturing and warehousing facilities, employees may encounter elevated work areas or mezzanines. Retractable Fall Arresters provide workers with the flexibility to move within these spaces while maintaining fall protection. This allows for efficient workflow and minimizes the risk of falls and potential injuries.

Maintenance and Inspection: Maintenance and inspection activities in industries such as power generation, transportation, and infrastructure often require working at height. Retractable Fall Arresters offer an effective solution for these tasks, providing workers with the confidence to navigate complex structures while ensuring their safety in the event of a fall.

Benefits of Retractable Fall Arresters:

a. Increased Mobility: Retractable Fall Arresters allow workers to move freely within their designated work areas without the need for constant adjustment or manual retraction. This increased mobility enhances productivity and efficiency while maintaining fall protection.

b. Rapid Fall Arrest: In the event of a fall, Retractable Fall Arresters have quick-activating braking systems that instantly arrest the fall, reducing the potential for injury and minimizing fall distances.

c. Fall Distance Reduction: Retractable Fall Arresters are designed to minimize fall distances, which can significantly reduce the risk of severe injuries to workers by preventing them from striking lower-level surfaces or obstructions during a fall.

d. Compact and Lightweight: Retractable Fall Arresters are compact and lightweight, making them easily portable and suitable for a variety of work environments. They are designed to be user-friendly and compatible with different personal protective equipment (PPE) systems.

e. Durable and Reliable: Retractable Fall Arresters are engineered with robust materials to withstand harsh working conditions. They undergo rigorous testing to ensure their reliability and durability, providing long-term performance and peace of mind.

In summary, Retractable Fall Arresters are crucial devices that enhance worker safety and fall protection in various industries. By providing increased mobility, rapid fall arrest, fall distance reduction, and durable construction, these devices contribute to creating safer work environments. Whether in construction, oil and gas, utilities, manufacturing, or maintenance, Retractable Fall Arresters play a vital role in safeguarding workers at height.

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