High Strength Retractable Fall Arrester HT-6/8/10/12 Suppliers

High Strength Retractable Fall Arrester HT-6/8/10/12

Product Details

Corrosion-resistant stainless steel and aluminum components result in longer life
Dual braking mechanism operates quickly, arresting a fall within two feet while giving flexibility for use
Dual-swivel design allows for greater mobility while keeping the lifeline in good working condition
Lighter than most competitive models
Each retractable includes a steel twist-lock carabineer and tagline

Product Code Length Weight Polymer Casing Galvanized Steel Eye Steel Swivel Hook Capality Standards
HT-6 6 meter 3.96kg High Strength Polymer Casing
Provides Maximum Durability
140kg EN360:2002
HT-8 8 meter 4.23kg
HT-10 10meter 4.50kg
HT-12 12meter 5.13kg

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