Work Lanyard with rope grab adjuster HT-612 Suppliers

Work Lanyard with rope grab adjuster HT-612

Product Details

Work Positioning Lanyard
Weight Capacity 140kg (310lbs)
Rope Material 12mm Diameter Polyester Kernmantel Rope,
Harness Connection Karabiner, Breaking Strength>25KN
Anchorage Connection Karabiner, Scaffold Hook, Snap Hook optional, Breaking Strength>25KN
- 12mm kernmantle rope with karabiner at each end.
- Loops protected by abrasion resistant thimbles.
- Steel rope grab adjuster for a progressive movement.

Product Type Work Ppositioning Lanyard
12mm Diameter Polyester Kernmantle Rope
Maximum Size 2 Meters
Rope Grab
With 2 Carabiner
Individually Inspect By QC

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