Diameter Anchorage Line Rope Grab HT-616 Suppliers

Diameter Anchorage Line Rope Grab HT-616

Product Details

The Guardian Fall Protection Poly Steel Rope is ideal for high-moisture environments. Nylon rope, when wet, will typically reduce in strength by between 10% to 15%, but unlike Nylon, Poly Steel Rope does not absorb water, so will not diminish in strength in wet conditions. This rope is also particularly strong when it comes to resisting damage from ultraviolet light, and its synthetic composition makes it especially resistant to cuts and abrasion, thereby increasing equipment lifetime. Poly Steel is ten times stronger than Polypropylene, and while it may become fibrous, this is just a result of normal wear, and does not indicate it needs to be replaced.

Rope Grab
Works On 14mm-16mm Diameter Anchorage Line
Snap Hook Used As Connector
Double Locking System

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