3 strand Polyester Twisted Rope HT-619 Suppliers

3 strand Polyester Twisted Rope HT-619

Product Details

3 strand Polyester Twisted Rope, providing low elongation and durability. Thimble: Nylon. Connector Gate: Double Lock Steel Snap Hook (25 kN).
SUPERIOR RESISTANCE - Resistance to abrasion, chemical, and UV light for long life. Perfect for fall protection, tree standing, rescue operations. Tensile Strength: 8,000 lbs. Work Load Limit: 1,600 lbs.
SUPERIOR PROTECTION - Soft polyester is added to the surface to give it a better grip and abrasion protection. Attached self-locking snap hook at the anchor-end and nylon thimble trailing end and protective PVC shrink tube protects the thimble-end splice.
MULTIPURPOSE - Ideal for multiple applications including tow rope, bull rope, boat rope, rigging lines, tag lines, utility lines, stringing lines, and underground pulling lines.

3 strand Polyester Twisted Rope
0ne Side Loop,Other Side Stop Knot
Length Available As Per Request
IndividuallyInspect By QC

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