Polyester Kernmantle Rope HT-620 Suppliers

Polyester Kernmantle Rope HT-620

Product Details

Polyester / polypropylene blended rope lifeline 5/8 inch (16 mm) in diameter, with spring hooks at one end. We offer a full line of twisted and tight-fitting lifeline products, only equipped with snap hooks in the assembly configuration or only for simple cutting lengths. We have a variety of sizes, including polyester, nylon and polyester / polypropylene blend structures, to meet almost any imaginable demand.
Our lifeline is very durable and uses unique termination technology to enhance strength and durability. We also provide a variety of counterweights to keep the lifeline tight and optimize the performance of the rope grab system.

Polyester Kermmantle Rope
0ne Side Loop,Other Side Stop Knot
Length Available As Per Request
IndividuallyInspect By QC

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