Static Rope 12mmHT-JL03 Suppliers

Static Rope 12mmHT-JL03

Static Rope 12mmHT-JL03

Product Details

●Class A high-performance static rope, after special rope core treatment and rope body post-treatment technology, endows the rope with low ductility, better control and good flexibility;

●Multi-purpose, can meet the requirements of rescue teams, fire brigades, high-altitude operations, good wear resistance;

●This rope is specially designed for multi-purpose deployment;

●Ultrasonic cutting rope tail processing;

●Different colors to distinguish the function of each rope during work;

●It complies with European CE EN 1891 type A standard and has passed the certification of UIAA, the International Mountaineering Association.

Material nylon
diameter 12 mm
Breaking strength 39.2kN
Figure 8 Knot Strength 22 kN
first impact 4.8kN
Number of falls >5 times
static elongation 2.60%
Rope sheath slip rate 0.60%
Ratio of rope skin 35.90%
knot coefficient 1
Shrinkage 3.70%
weight per meter 98 g/m
Line Shaft number 40

Product description



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