Type of safety rope and rope hook requirements


Type of safety rope 1. Ordinary safety rope, made of ny […]

Type of safety rope

1. Ordinary safety rope, made of nylon and other materials.

2, live working safety rope, the material is silk, moisture-proof silk, Dyneema, DuPont silk.

3, high-strength safety rope, materials are Dyneema, DuPont, high-strength wire.

4, special safety ropes, such as fire safety rope materials for the inner 4.3mm steel wire rope, outside the fiber skin; marine corrosion resistant safety rope material for Dyneema, Pastel, high molecular polyethylene; high temperature rope safety rope material is Kevlar is capable of long-term normal operation from -196 ° C to 204 ° C. The shrinkage rate at 150 ° C is 0, and does not decompose and melt at a high temperature of 560 ° C; the heat shrink sleeve is a safety rope, the inner core is a synthetic fiber rope, and the outer skin is heat-shrinkable, wear-resistant and waterproof.

Safety rope hook requirements and functions

Hook request

Metal hooks must have a safety device, with the exception of rail-specific hooks. When the self-locking hook teeth are used on the wire rope, the hardness is Rockwell HRC60. The metal knuckle spring is effectively restored no less than 20,000 times. The bite of the hook and knuckle must be flat and not skewed.


Safety ropes are protective equipment that prevents workers from falling from high places. Because the greater the height of the fall, the greater the impact, so the safety rope must have the following two basic conditions:

(1) Must have sufficient strength to withstand the impact of the human body when it falls;

(2) It can prevent the human body from falling to a certain limit that can cause injury (that is, it should be better before this limit, and the position will not fall down). This condition needs to be explained again. When the human body falls down from a height, if it exceeds a certain limit, even if the person pulls the rope, the impact force is too large, and the internal organs will be damaged and died. For this reason, the length of the rope should not be too long and there must be a certain limit.